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ASELPH’s Executive Fellows Programme works with the National Department of Health (NDOH) to cultivate the management and leadership capacities of selected senior health managers.





Albertina Sisulu Executive Leadership Programme Fellowships 


·         ASELPH Fellowship

ASELPH Fellows are selected based on a number of criteria including their existing qualifications,  their occupational level within their current positions and the academic requirements needed to enter the programme.  Based on this aspiring Fellows are recommended by their supervisors following which Heads’ of Department become involved in the selection process and approve fellows for the ASELPH programme

ASELPH Fellows can either follow a post-graduate diploma with the University of Pretoria or a Master’s Degree with the University of Fort Hare.

Post-Graduate Diploma in Health Systems Management – Executive Leadership (DHSM) – UP

Master’s in Public Health - UFH

·         Health System and Policy Transformation

·         Health System Re-engineering

·         Executive Leadership for Health

·         Health Informatics, monitoring and evaluation

·         Strategic Financial Management in Health

·         Implementation of quality improvement strategies in the health system

·         Organisational Strategy in Health

·         Public Health Policy Transformation, Governance and Legislation

·         Strategic Economics and Finance Management in Health

·         Centralisation and Decretralisation

·         Hospital Management and Leadership

·         Health Research (Epidemiology, Advanced Epidemiology, Biostatistics)

Application/acceptance as an ASELPH Fellow and the intensive 18-month post-graduate diploma or 24-month masters academic programme includes: block release, case studies, individual and group assignments, peer learning, research, multi-faceted exposure and high-level seminars and workshops, graduation, and recognition as an ASELPH Fellow contributing to the transformation of the SA healthcare system.